And so our story begins…

Howdy, folks.  The name’s Sarah, or Omskivar – I’m not really picky about which one you use.  I’d like to not-so-formally welcome you to just one of the little corners of the internet that I inhabit.  This is it – a brand new blog!  It’s a bit empty right now, but over time I’ll manage to fill it with clutter (just like my apartment!).

The premise of this blog is simple: I’m going to post my reactions to the media I consume.  I’ll mostly focus on books, movies, and television, but from time to time I’ll also address video games, music, and anything else that vaguely falls under the categories of mass media, pop culture, or just plain geekery.  There will be rage and ranting, glee and gushing, cursing galore, and possibly some LOLcats scattered around.

So, now that that’s out of the way, pull up a seat and make yourself comfortable!


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