My name is Sarah, and I love stories.  It doesn’t matter what medium they come in – books, movies, music, theater, TV shows, video games, comics, whatever – if there’s a good story involved, I’m interested.  If there’s a bad story involved, I might still be interested if it’s bad enough to snark.  That’s basically what this blog is about – snarking the bad stories, celebrating the good ones, and discussing things I find interesting (or infuriating) in the media that I consume.  It’s all my opinion, so take it with a grain of salt.

I can be contacted anytime at spawnieboots@gmail.com.


3 comments on “About

    • It’s a reference to a play called The Foreigner, by Larry Shue. There’s a bit where the main character is pretending to tell a story in his “native” language, which is really just gibberish, and it features a monster called the Omskivar. My dad was in local theater when I was a kid, and he played Charlie one year and practiced his lines for this part by telling it to me as a bedtime story. It’s my favorite scene in the play and, to be honest, I really just like the sound of the name “Omskivar”.

      • Well you have just blown my mind. I can’t say I’ve ever seen the play but I do perform that particular monologue for the children at the summer camp I volunteer at, for the talent show. It’s a huge hit, people are always finding me and doing the “hopni skipni, brozhni” bit; that’s where I myself got the name.

        Life = made 😀

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